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Bullock Museum
Austin Walking Tour
Bullock Museum
Austin Walking Tour

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Save more than 40% while seeing the best Austin has to offer. The five-day ATX Pass gives you access to more than 20 tours and activities. You can customize your very own itinerary. Whether taking a bus tour, going on a food or beer tour, visiting a museum, or taking a boat cruise on Lady Bird Lake, the ATX Pass saves you money while enabling you to make the most of your time in Austin.
You start by selecting your dates and buying the ATX Pass. You will instantly receive a text message with a link to all the activities included in the ATX Pass. The link includes activity descriptions as well as information about tour and activity hours, location and other details you may need. You can book as many activities as you want scheduled during your five-day ATX Pass period so long as they are not at the same time or repeat activities. Book the activities you want, then show up and simply present your booking confirmation text or email, and enjoy your experience.
The ATX Pass gives you the ability to choose from more than 20 of Austin’s favorite activities, including bus, boat, food and brewery, scooter, segway, bike and walking tours. New activities are regularly added so that you can experience more things to do in Austin as they become available, all for one low price.
    What does it cost?

    The ATX Pass costs $85 for adults and $45 for children (ages 3-12). These prices cover the cost of ALL activities in the ATX Pass so that you are paying only once regardless of the number of activities you experience. As the ATX Pass already provides substantial discounts to regular prices, no military, senior or other discounts are available. This gives you the access to book a wide range of tours and activities in Austin. Fees and taxes are not included in ATX Pass prices.

    How long is the ATX Pass valid?

    Your ATX Pass will be valid for 5 days, beginning with the date you select as your start date and ending at midnight of the fifth day.

    How will I receive my ATX Pass?

    Upon purchasing the ATX Pass, you will instantly receive a confirmation SMS and email with a link where you will book all the tours and activities that interest you.

    How do I activate my ATX Pass?

    Your ATX Pass will be automatically activated as of the selected start date upon purchase.

    How many activities are included in the pass?

    More than 20 activities, including bus, boat, food and brewery, segway, scooter, bike and walking tours, are available as part of the ATX Pass. New ones always are being added, so please check our website for a complete and updated list.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Any unused ATX Pass can be refunded in full. Once you book one or more activities, the ATX Pass becomes non-refundable. ATX Passes are non-transferable. Please email OnceThere Inc at support@oncethere.com or call us at (800) 311-ONCE (6623) to request a refund.

    Can I participate in a tour or activity more than once?

    The ATX Pass permits each Pass holder to do any individual tour or activity only once. Additionally, there is a two-hour block after each activity’s start time to protect against overlapping tours.

    How do I make reservations using my pass?

    Click the link in the ATX Pass Purchase confirmation SMS or email. The link takes you to the list of all tours, activities and attractions in the ATX Pass, and you simply reserve your place for the items you want to experience.

    Can I share my pass or sell it?

    All ATX Passes are non-transferrable.

    What happens if the tour or activity is cancelled due to bad weather or other problems?

    Should the tour or activity provider cancel the event for any reason, you have the opportunity to reschedule the same event during your selected ATX Pass days. If rescheduling is not possible for any reason, you have the option of choosing from more than 20 other activities or receiving a refund if you choose not to use the ATX Pass as a result of the cancelled activity.

    Do you offer additional discounts for seniors, military, students or groups?

    Since this pass offers activities at a discounted rate, no additional discounts will be given.

    Do I receive a paper copy of the pass?

    Both the ATX Pass and specific tour and activity bookings are done electronically, and are delivered via SMS and email. Providing correct mobile phone and email address information is essential to guarantee your bookings.

    I haven’t received my ATX Pass via SMS or email. What should I do?

    Please email support@oncethere.com or call (800) 311-ONCE (6623) to verify your phone number and email address. We will resend your confirmation SMS and email upon request.

    How many activities can I schedule?

    There is no limit to the number of activities you may book during your selected ATX Pass days. However, no overlapping activities or double bookings are permitted.

    What do I present when checking in for a tour/activity?

    Upon arrival for a tour or activity, present your confirmation SMS or email for that specific activity. You will not be able to check-in using the confirmation SMS or email for the ATX Pass.

    I’ve entered the wrong phone number, what should I do?

    A mobile phone number is required for checkout, and will be shared with activity providers in case they need to contact you regarding your scheduled activities. If you enter the wrong phone number when purchasing the ATX Pass, please send us your correct mobile phone number by emailing support@oncethere.com.

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